We all know the thirst of getting a job that gives good payrolls after completing our College education with University acknowledged degrees to certify our testimony as an aspirant to fill in the vacancies position. We work many years in our schooling and degrees to come out suitable to the needs of job markets.
Many of us are dissatisfied when they ask for certain level of working experience because as a fresher you cannot have those experiences beforehand and when you get a job and start working you are in a fix because what you perceived about the job before is more different while actually performing it and it give you vagueness, monotony and creepiness inside that all that was planned is not what that it takes, the stakes are lot more higher. Job market first and foremost is a real life situation; the experience that you make from learning is just a step by step approach to where you will end up being. You cannot reach the top of the ladder by skipping steps in the middle otherwise you will fall.

The job challenges you to not only bring out the best from you but also exercise your communication skills, show discipline, be mindful and flexible because you are in a process of self-discovery and personal development and all that is shown by your involvement and what you make out from it. You might have the technical knowledge from your academic background but what if you don’t have the soft skills to practice networking with your clients, boss and your colleagues. What if you are self-deprecating by critising people and the jobs instead of thinking logically using common sense to get what needs to be done. Scheduling the tasks on the basis of priority list will make you tackle lengthy jobs easier. You can always expand your knowledge by raising questions if you find in a spot where you have a doubt or confusion, it hurts nobody after all. These are the soft skills that can make you accessible at workplace.

One of the passes to get viable job positions is through the door of internships. Internships is your trial period it can be paid also or unpaid also. You should show affirmation that you were taken as an intern with a purpose and you will be trained and molded to be better in your organization. You must also accept the fact that changes in the job market will also affect your career choice. If outside forces propel you to make a change in career then be prepared for an initial salary cut. Your job skills depend on your productivity; you can make connections throughout your working span without anyone else promoting your best interest. Flexibility when your employer is not offering a full-fledged career you can switch to part time jobs derived through tempting, free lancing and consultancy. The global environment of today brings the needs to engageinspire and retain employees from diverse backgrounds.

As the young job seekers are realizing several years of learning no longer is sufficient to succeed in world of work. The skill gap is evident. The perception gap between employers, educators and the students is equally obvious. Gender studies showed men show large increase in non-farm occupation than women’s involvement in Nepal. Thorton quoted “Benefit of a modern society can stimulate individuals to pursue higher education and other modern behavior. For solving the economic problems of the nation education would lead to economic growth but these educated job seekers had no labor positions to enter into, the result was higher number of unemployed and under employed individuals who had an education. More and more individuals study higher level of education but still they were unable to obtain jobs that put their best interest in the center stage besides getting paid. Technology is another factor that has pushed a notch further because when technology is more widespread workers with more education are required to fill these jobs and schooling will increase subsequently.

As a student society public platforms for speaking events, workshops and networking events are the places where education to employment journey can be seen in a spotlight and necessary actions to make job secured for educated individuals can be sorted out so that the pain of disparity between education and unemployment is brought down with a joint effort.

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