Workshop on Configuring Microtik Router

Workshop on Configuring Microtik Router

IT training Nepal recently conducted a workshop on Configuring MikroTik Router on Saturday, February 4, 2017. The workshop particularly focused on giving training on how to implement MikroTik router in computer networking. Though the workshop was planned for 3 hours, it extended to 4 hours.

The participation of the students was quite notable. Around 50 students were present who enthusiastically took part in the workshop. Some of the students were ISP professionals who were using CCNA devices bur are now learning to configure MikroTik router for computer networking.

The experienced professionals from Subisu, who are working as network specialists in their field, were invited to train the students. Their years of experience in this field were fruitful in the workshop. Concerning this workshop, the trainer briefly explained about MikroTik Router and its configuration as below – MicroTik is an international name known for manufacturing networking equipment. Till now CCNA devices were being used for computer networking procedure. People are not much aware of MikroTik Router which is now being used all over the world. This workshop has helped students learn about MicroTik and ways of configuring it.

After the completion of the workshop, we took feedback from the students regarding the workshop. One of the students named Suman told us that he found the workshop really productive. He learned many things about MikroTik. He confirmed that he will again attend such workshop if held in future. Another student named Akriti told us that the workshop was very interesting. She found it easy to learn from the professionals from Subisu. She thanked IT training Nepal for conducting such workshop.

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