List of Film Studies Colleges in Nepal, Top Film Making College

For aspiring students to be able to enter the professional world of Filmmaking, the doors are open for learning and getting training at Filmmaking Colleges in Nepal. The comprehensive program includes various facets of filmmaking such as Acting, directing, and Cinematography. Tribhuvan University has offered Bachelor in Film Studies through few academies in Nepal. This helps them to work in private Companies of film industry and also benefit from the job offered by the Public service commission in their documentary works. The duration of course is four years. The curriculum offers specializations in filmmaking departments such as acting, sound recording and design, cinematography, direction and screenwriting, video editing, etc. Campuses providing this course in Nepal are Nepal Film Campus, and Oscar International College; diploma courses are available in Nepal film Academy, Kantipur film Academy, and Everest Film Academy. 

How to choose good filmmaking Colleges:

Your needs: Which part of filmmaking will be of more interest to you? Find that out from the Filmmaking college you want to enroll at. This is a creative field and specialization subjects help you to enhance your talent and aptitudes in that field. Explore about your possible future and how your campus will be providing it.

Professors: Your professor needs to be someone who has mastered the field and holds vast knowledge about the subject, academically and professionally. No one will be more useful than your professor. Find out how you are provided academic knowledge and training, and how you can develop an equation that will help you on your voyage of filmmaking.

Gather previous students’ experiences: You can find out the information that you need to know about the field by finding out about previous batch of students’ learning experiences. They can provide you inputs about how the course will be learnt in the classroom and how teachers work with students from their own experience on campus.

Affordability: You must choose the academy that you can afford. If the cost and daily overheads are beyond your estimated budget then look for other places. 

Career prospects: Since this is a professional course your education will be career focused. Eventually, you should be prepared and be alert about your career prospects by looking for placements or internships at film Companies and agencies so that you can work and show your worth. Find out about placements or training that can create timely employment upon your degree completion. Part time jobs are also encouraged here.

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