IT Colleges in Pokhara

Pokhara, the tourist hub of Nepal has its own University called the Pokhara University. There are some reputed Colleges that provide Management, Science, Engineering, IT, Arts, Social Science subjects. Pokhara College has national and international Colleges that provide a quality education in Information technology. The top Information Technology College in Pokhara are listed as follows:

1. ISMT College

IT Colleges in Pokhara

ISMT College provides British degree in Bachelor of Science Honors in Computer systems Engineering. It focuses on software Engineering, networking, data technology, and Artificial Intelligence, Android Mobile Development and Information systems through their comprehensive syllabus. Students also have credit transfer options in Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

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2. Informatics College

It was established in 2011. The programs offered here are Bachelor of Science Honors Computing with in-depth knowledge on software development, information systems, networks and distributed systems, internet computing systems.

3. Infomax College of Information technology and Management

Infomax College was established in 2005 and entered academic collaboration with Asia Pacific University of technology and innovation. Courses offered in the Information technology discipline is Bachelor of Science (Honors) Information technology. It is three years of six semesters and approved by the Ministry of Education, Nepal. The specialized modules of this program are mobile and wireless technology, web applications, integrated business processes with SAP ERP systems and human Computer Interactions, investigation in information technology and IT projects.

4. Mount Annapurna Campus

Mount Annapurna Campus was established in 1992. It is located at Prasaya, Pokhara. It offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology from Tribhuvan University. This program helps to impart knowledge of computer and programming logic in IT. It is applied at IT based software publishing firms, scientific research and development organizations, telecommunications, and computer networking companies.

5. Soch College of IT

It is one of the leading IT Colleges of Pokhara. The B.Sc. CSIT program of this College is a study of Information technology affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Besides this program the College has digital laboratories where students can put knowledge into work experiences on digital logic, networking.

6. Pokhara College of Management

Pokhara College of Management is located at Gyan Marg, Nadipur. It offers a Bachelor of Computer Information System program of Pokhara University for four years. This program has seventeen courses in information technology related areas. Graduates can work as Program analysts, database administrators, network administrators, salesperson in software hardware and IT officers of various firms and industries.

7. Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences

Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences was established under non-profit public institution trust. It offers Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering which is a four years 137 credit hours undergraduate Engineering program that specializes in computer organization and architecture, systems programming, operations system, digital hardware design. Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering with focus on software development techniques and skills and used in industrial setup to solve problems such as security, data science and systems Engineering. At masters level Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences have a Master of Science in Information system Engineering of two years to produce high quality human resource with skills in Information system Engineering.

8. Prithvi Narayan Campus

Prithvi Narayan Campus has been accredited by University Grants Commission. It offers a four years B.Sc. CSIT program at Tribhuvan University.

9. Paschimanchal Campus

Paschimanchal Campus provides a Bachelor program in Computer Engineering which is a four years program. Besides the academic curriculum, Paschimanchal Campus also provides Digital electronics lab, communication lab, Advanced Computer lab, Basic electronics lab, Repair and maintenance workshops to equip students with practical workshops and training.

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