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Job Details on Accountant

An Accountant job position is a mid-level job in the Accounting department of any business companies of Nepal. No matter the size of the company or the type of the business carried out, every companies require an Accountant to manage all the income and expenses, maintain balance sheets, and manage overall accounting. 


Job Description of an Accountant

The major job duties of an Accountant job position holder in any companies of Nepal are as follows:

  • Creation of financial reports such as income and expenditure, profit, equity of the company
  • Examining bank statements and preparing general accounting entries
  • Financial forecasting and risk analysis
  • Auditing and reporting financial data and information to the decision makers
  • Ensuring compliance with company policies, financial rules and regulations
  • Seeing tax payments and adjusting to state tax regulations


In order to be able to work in the Accountant job position in any companies of Nepal, you need to have the following skills:

  • Analytical skill
  • Logical
  • Organizing
  • Mathematical skill
  • Keeping eye on the details
  • Time management skill
  • Problem solving skill

Accountant job position holder typically work in nine-to-five job. But they can work overtime to prepare financial transactions and end-of-the-day reporting. They may often have to travel to visit clients.

Academic Qualification

If you are interested in being an Accountant in the top-notch companies of Nepal then you might want to complete a Bachelor degree in Business with majors in Accounting and Finance. 


The salary for an Accountant typically starts from NRs. 11,000 and goes up to NRs. 38,000 per month.


The vacancy for the job position of an Accountant are announced by Academic Institutions, Financial Institutions, Hospitality, Marketing, Travel, Insurance, Retail, Corporate and Global Companies.

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