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Job Details on Areas Sales Manager

Areas Sales Manager are those who travel regionally across to meet new sales teams and other Sales Managers to measure growth and plan new Sales growth. They can be promoted to Regional Sales Management Positions with attained academic degrees and number of working experiences. 
area sales manager

Job Duties

Able to use the Business Intelligence to provide sales and marketing insights to the Sales and Marketing Manager
Review and update Sales policies as per needs and requirements
Conduct sales meeting to provide sales feedback and insights
Review sales and create reports to Managers
Train new Sales Employers.
Carrying out market research activities
Pitch products and service effectively

Skills Required

Verbal communication skills
Customer service skills
Leadership skills
HR Skills
Business Developing skills
Open to criticism

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Business with Sales and Marketing with experience in Sales and marketing along with digital knowledge.


Salary per month is Rs 60000 –Rs75000

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