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A Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking individual of a Company or an Organization. They are also entitled as the President or the Managing Director in the organizations. They play the role of value maximization and serve as a decision-maker, strategists, and policymaker.

The roles and duties of a Chief Executive Officer are:

  • Communicating on behalf of the company to the shareholders, government entity, and the public
  • Developing the short term and long term strategies
  • Setting measurable and desirable short-term and long-term goals
  • Maintaining a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ensuring the human resource through empowerment and make sure that they fulfill organizational needs
  • Increase Company revenues and income and promote equal pay share to the employees

Skills required to become a Chief Executive Officer

  • Leadership: They are the strategic head and are required to exhibit strong leadership skills
  • Decision Making: They have to carry out decision-making on time and have that skills
  • Planning: They must plan to have a look at the big picture
  • Monitoring: They should carefully monitor the tasks of the subordinates and organizational performance
  • Evaluating: They must evaluate the best feasible solution out of many alternatives
  • Communicating: They must communicate their ideas to the junior level in the execution of plans and programs
  • Promoting: They must promote the organization to capture new markets
  • Forecasting: they must forecast any unseen calamities that can hamper the performance of the business through research
  • Maintaining the benchmarks of the Organization is in the hands of effective CEO
  • Financing: They must be ready to support the organizational financial needs and make decisions to control and regulate Finances
  • Capital Formations: Their role to formulate Capital with the available resources is a very significant duty
  • Expanding: They must think of expanding their business and gather resources
  • Acquiring: CEOs play a strong role in acquiring and merging of a business venture with consent from the Board of Directors


Master’s degree in Business Administration with at least ten years of Managerial and commercial experiences. Understanding of Accounting Principles and Strategic Management. Strong leadership and negotiating, complex decision-making, and problem-solving.


Corporate Companies, Financial Institutions, Service Companies, Hospitality Companies, Digital Companies, Hospitals, Automotive industries, Multinational Companies, E-commerce, Partnership Companies.


Rs 70000 up to Rs 120000 per month.

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