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Job Details on Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers are concerned with design of the structural process maintaining and operating infrastructure and significantly improving the existing infrastructure that might have been otherwise neglected. They also perform land surveying looking after construction process and contributing for re-construction of critical infrastructure. Their work for civil services and government projects and play a huge role in area development such as town planning, constructing homes, buildings, bridges, roads, dams, airports etc. and estimate the cost of material, equipment, labor to study feasibility and scope for construction projects. Civil Engineer also test soil and determine the sturdiness of foundations, concrete, asphalts.

Academic qualification

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering or Post graduate degree in Geology. They have to work in Construction Companies.

Skills required

  • Knowledge of Construction
  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Counseling
  • Communication
  • Working in teams
  • Attention to details
  • Problem identifying and solving.
  • Mathematical
  • Technical skills
Other job titles of Civil Engineers are: Resident Engineer, Civil Society Specialist, Chief of Party, Architect, Capacity building advisors and freelancers.


Rs16000 to Rs70000 per month based on qualification and number of years of work experince and expertise.

Job specifications of Civil Engineers

  • Site selection and due diligence
  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Land survey
  • Land and Master Planning
  • Value Engineering
  • Zoning and entitlement processes
  • Permits and Approval
  • Construction Administration Services
  • Water Resource Management

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