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Job Details on Computer Engineer

Computer Engineer Manage and design the computer peripherals that is the hardware and the software. They have in depth knowledge of computing skills such as analytics, algorithms, object oriented modeling. A Computer Engineer can combine computer Science and Electrical Engineering with their sound conceptual knowledge and skills of logic design, circuits, statistics, calculus, embedded systems, discrete Math and Computer Applications. They can work in lab or office type systems to troubleshoot and scale up the computing performance to produce result oriented tasks and output for the organization.

Job duties and responsibilities

  • Perform periodic analysis of hardware and software and perform evaluating and testing
  • Respond to computer related issues and provide technical assistance
  • Ensure the computer system and installations are up-to-date.
  • Draft the blueprints of computing equipment and present to the Management
  • Manage the production of Computer hardware equipment
  • Develop and install software systems

Academic knowledge

Bachelor in Computer Engineering or Bachelor in Information Technology with proficiency of technical components.


Computer Engineer can work at various Computing workstations which carry work in databases, journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, websites, and professional societies. This is a good career choice for them due to extremely high demand in age of Information technology and Digital enterprises. They can fix and update the Computer system and suggest ways of security and improvements as they fix computer at the terminals. Managers can have the exact picture of how the system is functioning and how can they serve the purpose of the organization with skilled and trained human resource to perform jobs at various positions of an organization.


Rs55000 to Rs75000 per month

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