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Job Details on Counselor

Counselor job position holder is a person who advises students on personal and academic problems or help them pursue a right career path. Use of the word "Counselor" is very wide-spread in the job market. It is present not only in the academic field but also in several other like in public health as mental health counselor, in financial sector as credit counselor and debt counselor, in Government bodies as a diplomat of higher ranking or a State Counselor, etc.
The main job of Counselor is to provide support, counseling services or rehabilitation services, community settings and key information as solutions to potential problems. Counselor job position holder must provide services in a way which makes it easy to understand and interpret to the client. Their advice must be meted by a definite response so that the information can be implemented at the right time.

Personality Characteristics of a Counselor

A counselor job position holder must have the following characteristics in order to get through to the clients and provide them with excellent counseling services:

  • Must be attentive to the clients’ needs and concerns and understand the case history fully
  • Should have patient to listen and study all the dimensions of the query and issues
  • Cooperation is necessary skill which helps to maintain client relation and make this job more effective and productive
  • Intuitiveness is another necessary trait which can be useful to know what exactly the area of counseling requirement is
  • Sensitiveness shows that they have understood the key insights of clients' pressing issues
  • Need to articulate their responses clearly and decisively and do not make the clients feel they are uninterested
  • Expressiveness is necessary to show that they have compassion for the client’s problems and will work towards resolving them one by one
  • Problem identification and solving it is also an integral skill, they should be able to identify and prescribe the feasible solution
  • Must be rational when prescribing solutions to the clients and have correct implication on the life of their clients
  • Need to be logical, any solution or idea being advised must create a logical and relevant meaning

Academic Qualification

Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Master’s degree in School Counseling, M.A. Political Science, Master of Public Administration can apply for counselor’s license.

Counseling Career

Depending upon the line of study and nature of profession, one can fit into various job position such as Career Counselor, Credit Counselor, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Rehabilitation Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Marriage counselor, Genetic etc.


The pay scale of Counselor job position holder can range from NRs. 15,000 to NRs. 30,000 per month.

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