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Job Details on Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing is one of the strong platforms for marketing due to its reach and speed. A Company hires a digital Marketing Manager to promote their product and services through a digital campaign. Duties and Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager are planning the digital Campaigns on website, SEO check, E-mail, Social Media. They also have to measure and report the performance about viewership along with optimizing the digital marketing campaigns across all the digital channels. They also need to evaluate the emerging technologies and also collaborate with media partners and vendors to start a campaign.

Academic qualification

Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Business Management with marketing as a concentration subject. They also must possess experience in digital marketing and knowledge of website analytics tools, knowing latest trends and best practices of online marketing and have a solid data driven thinking.


A Digital Marketing Manager is hired by Educational institutions, Multimedia Companies, Movie industry, InfoTech Companies, E-Commerce, Publishing Companies, Agricultural Industries, Consultancies, Finance Companies.


Rs 39000 per month

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