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Job Details on Doctor

Doctor works in the health care service they provide diagnosis and treat patients who are suffering from diseases and injuries. They examine the patients and maintain their medical history and administer treatment and counsel for health recovery and wellbeing. They provide around the clock service at Hospitals, Medical Institutions and have specialization in particular area of medicine such as neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry, endocrinology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, internal medicine. They are specialist with expert knowledge in area of practice offers therapy and treatment procedures that are beyond the practitioner’s ability. Doctors have to work for long hours they have to spend seeing patients in an office based setting, doing rounds in hospital, note on patients physical condition, update patients record, return phone call.

Skills in a Doctor

  • Listening
  • Counseling
  • Organizational and Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Writing
  • Intellectual
  • Responsible
  • Cure
  • Work with pressure
  • Fast paced environment

Doctor’s main duties

  1. Attending to patient’s health condition and detecting symptoms of the disease
  2. Diagnosis and treatment
  3. Medication and follow up of Patients
  4. nterpreting lab reports
  5. Collaborating with Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, health professionals
  6. Prescribe Medication
  7. Work with Medical technology and carry medical research

Academic requirements

Degree in Medicine along with residency training of five years, current state medical license and Federal DEA license, completing licensing exams.


Rs1 90, 000 per month on an average.

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