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Job Details on Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer design, test and develop electrical devices. They work with various technicians and also oversee preparing specifications including installation and power supply of new electrical equipment, machineries. They contribute in establishment of construction, manufacturing, installation standards, documentation, support and testing activities. They can estimate material cost of equipment, labor cost, construction cost from their Engineering acumen. Electrical Engineer can either be Computer Engineer, Systems Engineer, Power Engineer, Telecommunication, radio frequency, Signal and Instrumentation Engineers. They have a wide knowledge of all electrical components such as Hardware, Electromagnetics and wave, microwave, nanotechnology, mechatronics, nanotechnology, electrochemistry disciplines. The inventors of Electronics was William Gilbert, Michael Faraday, and Guillermo Marconi.

Academic Qualification

To become a qualified Electrical Engineer the person must have obtained Bachelors Degree of Electrical Engineering or Bachelor of Technology or Bachelor of Applied Science from recognized University. To become a Professional as an Electrical Engineer they must have obtained a Professional Engineer’s license and minimum four years of work experience in Electrical Companies. The working hours can be 40 hours or regular hours per day.


  • Physical
  • Mathematical
  • Technical
  • Electronic
  • Analytical
  • Problem solving
  • Concentration
  • Communication

Job duties

  1. Preparing drawings having electrical specifications
  2. Design new uses of electrical power for product development
  3. Look into production, testing and installing electrical equipment and their components
  4. Estimate human resource and raw material needs
  5. Respond to clients concerns on electrical power
  6. Supervise their unit or team’s task and performance

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