Fiber Optics Engineer

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Job Details on Fiber Optics Engineer

Fiber Optics Engineer is a person who looks after the complete fiber optic ensures designing and testing fiber optics setting electrical and electronic testing, looking after the performance of laser and optical fiber devices and systems, routers and networking equipment. They have a proper understanding of cabling various electronic components, operation and applications, manual and power tools, detailing the circuit design and other electrical factors.

Job Functions are:

  1. Resolving and repairing and installing fiber optics system and make sure they work fully.
  2. Developing sensor indicators and conduct timely specifications to make sure the faulty fiber network system doesn’t destabilize in performance.
  3. aking care of underground and underwater ground cabling installations.
  4. Maintain system records and system design.

Academic Qualification

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor in Computer Technology, and Bachelor in Telecommunications degrees will be suitable. They can obtain license and certifications such as Certified Fiber Optics Technician, Certified Premises Cabling technician, Certified Fiber Optics Specialist.


  • Technical
  • Problem solving
  • Written and oral Communications
  • Construction practices and principles
  • Contracting
  • Training
  • Intellectual speed
  • Result oriented
  • Listening

Job areas for Fiber Optics Engineers

  1. Internet and telecommunication services
  2. Digital Companies
  3. Astronomical Companies
  4. Robotics
  5. Military surveillance
  6. Underwater or underground observations
  7. Hologram Companies
  8. Television Networking Companies
One to four years of work experience is required to work in the above fields.


In Nepal, Rs 43, 000 per month

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