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Job Details on Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst interpret data and make recommendations based on market trends, financial status of the Company, outcome of a financial deal with their financial knowledge and skills. They can also forecast the outcome of certain business decisions and actively participates in the business process. They study in financial data and information and focused on making deals and merging of the Companies. They have a very versatile role and their reports can be used by the organization to make informed decisions on strategic implementations. They can warrant whether the Company can go ahead and make the Financial investments or not.

Skills required for Financial Analyst are:

  1. Accounting skills: Financial Analyst must possess solid accounting and financial knowledge. They have to see wages, all cost, all revenues.
  2. Monitoring: They should monitor the financial flow of the organization.
  3. Evaluating: They should evaluate the feasibility of new project or a new investment which yields return in long term.
  4. Data Science: they must work with financial data and know how to keep the financial information with utmost security.
  5. Quantitative analysis: They have to provide quantitative analysis and provide solution that are factual and advantageous.
  6. Recording: They should store data by recording it in a safe back up and keep transactions flowing.
  7. Maintaining: They have to maintain financial equilibrium.
  8. Problem Solving: They have to solve any financial issues on time.
  9. Suggestive: They must suggest new possibilities or financial scope to the CEO out of their study and research.

Academic Qualification

Master of Business Administration with specialization in Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Economics.


Financial Companies, Insurance Companies, Share markets, Agencies, Production, Retail sectors. The Work life balance is positive along with good turnouts from job satisfaction, career progression opportunities and pay scale.

Salary per month

Rs25000 up to Rs 64000 per month

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