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Job Details on Graphic Designer

One of the hot selling job position of IT is that of the Graphic Designer job position. The major roles in the Graphic Designer job is to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate the customers. It is done through the depiction of pictures in the form of visual concepts with the help of computer software to develop the layout and overall production designs. It is largely applied in brochures, magazines, print and digital advertisements. 

graphic designer

Actually, the Graphic designers are also known as Graphic Artist or Communication designers due to the reason that they work with Graphic technologies, images and layouts, text and color. This helps to make complex ideas more understandable. They should be able to determine the scope of the project and create designs that convey the right message and intention. Most of the businesses that use has Graphic designer job position are engineering fields such as architecture, interior designers, advertising agencies, publishing companies, etc.

Job Description Along with Duties and Responsibilities

  • During the job, Graphic Designers have to regularly meet up with clients and/or art directors to size up the scope of the project
  • They have to use photo editing, layout and designing software
  • They have to present their design concepts to the art director and edit the work by taking feedback into consideration
  • They have to be flexible and adopt changes or adjustments handed by clients or the Art Director and their reviews before publishing it finally.

Qualification for Graphics Designer

There is no prerequisite or formal degree required. Anyone who is creative, aesthetic and knows basic computing knowledge and has communication skills can join graphic designing course. Graphic designers can find career opportunities in publishing, recording, engineering, art direction, etc.

As a starter, those who have taken graphic designing course can work as an intern and learn about the practical applications and usages of a graphic designer. This will help them understand the work dynamics and prepare themselves accordingly.

Nowadays, many software development vendors and training institutes provide certificate programs and they also offer the Graphic Designing course.

Who can be a Graphic Designer?

Those who are creative, imaginative, influencing, motivating, and have analytical and time managing skills will be most suitable for the Graphic Designer job position. If you think you have these qualities and if you are interested in the graphic designing field then you can enter this field of work.

Working Schedule

A Graphic Designer can work beyond the 9-5 shift, they can work overtime and tend to be driven by their deadlines. If you are interested to work as a freelancer then the workload depends on your reputation as a graphic designer. Sometimes you can be completely occupied as a freelancer while on the other hand you might be waiting for a new project to come your way.

Salary of Graphics Designer

The net salary of a Graphic designer in Nepal ranges from NRs. 30,000 to NRs. 40,000 per month. Beginners start from NRs. 14,000 per month and later when you develop into professionals you will get paid NRs. 40,000 a month or even more. Besides this, Graphic Designers are also entitled with office perks, company discounts and commuter benefits by the Company/Agency.

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