Human Resource Manager

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Job Details on Human Resource Manager

Human Resource is the main driving force for running the business organizations. The person who looks after the recruitment and selection process and bridging the employers and employee relation is called the Human Resource Manager. They look after hiring and retaining the most qualified and skilled candidates from the market.
human resource manager

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implementing HR strategies that are in alliance with overall business strategy
  • Manage recruitment and selection
  • Create job description and announce vacancies
  • Manage pay scales depending upon jobs and the skill sets required
  • Employee training and appraisals
  • Conduct annual salary surveys
  • Performing benefits administration
  • Maintaining and keeping records of various departments
  • Participating in administrative meetings
  • Recommend new policies and approach as per Company policies
  • Maintain affirmative action programs

Education Requirement

Bachelor degree in Business Administration or Management with concentration subject as HR.


Human Resource Managers can work in business organizations led by Employees and Management with Company Directors, Founders, Chairman and CEOs in the apex. A new HR Manager has a salary of Rs 21000 and with years of experience and roles played they can earn up to Rs 85000 per month.

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