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Job Details on Lab Technician

Lab technicians work with doctors at Hospitals, clinics by performing testing and analysis and also work under the Physicians, lab Managers, Lab technologists to conduct lab tests and collect specimens for lab research and analysis. As lab technicians, they can perform chemical analysis of body fluids such as blood or urine by examining under the microscope and detect abnormalities. Lab technicians may have specialized in microbiology, blood banking, immunology, clinical chemistry, molecular biology.


Skills Required

  • Patient care: Lab technician should have the skill of taking care of patients’ diagnosis and providing lab-verified reporting
  • Quality Assurance: Lab technicians should maintain the quality standards of the laboratory equipment and supplies
  • Data Entry: They should keep records of lab equipment used or that might have been replenished and feed correct data and get it signed by the head
  • Sample Collecting: They have to collect samples of tests prescribed by the doctor for the patient and get is tested duely
  • Occupational health and safety: Lab technicians have to keep their labs healthy and clean and ensure the safety of other lab technicians and look after their needs
  • Testing and Reporting: This is the main task where the patients’ blood body fluids are examined to find out the nature of their disease
  • Communication: Lab technicians should be open to communication with administrative staff and the patients, vendors
  • Attentive to details: Payscale of Medical laboratory technician in Nepal are Rs12000 upto Rs34000 per month

Academic qualification

Formal education as Bachelor of Medical Laboratory technology or TSLC level in Medical lab technology.


Pay scale of Medical laboratory technician in Nepal is Rs 12000 and can be upto Rs 34000 per month.

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