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Job Details on Marketing Manager

Typically a Marketing Manager is responsible for managing promotion and positioning of the product and services the Company sells however their work is much larger and diverse. He has to raise the brand awareness to attract more customers, has to identify the target market and launch strong promotional tools,  handle personal relations, client’s relations, negotiating and liaison with third party marketing agencies, looking after the budget of the marketing department, conduct research and work with the executive team to set the market strategy.
marketing manager

Education requirement

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with Marketing as a major subject. Internship and work experiences also play a vital role.

Skills required to be a Marketing Manager

  • Marketing skills
  • Communication skills
  • PR Skills
  • Negotiating
  • Research skills
  • Brainstorming
  • Creative and logical skills
  • Time Management
  • Eye for details

Marketing Manager’s salary in Nepal

The Marketing Manager has a starting salary around Rs 17000 with more experience and practice they earn Rs 80000 net per month.

Added benefits

Marketing Manager’s job is lower in stress and they have a good work life balance, Job satisfaction level is high and they are flexible and cope with various situations and challenges.

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