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Job Details on Pharmacist

Pharmacist or the chemist are health professionals that dispense prescribed medication along with explaining the possible side effects, contraindications with other medicine, physical dosage and usage to the patients. They also carefully review prescriptions for accuracy, check for drug interactions, managing daily order and checking for refills, recommend drug therapy changes upon administering, educating on drug therapy, and working with other health professional to plan, monitor, review and evaluate patient effectiveness. Pharmacist mainly is community pharmacist or hospital pharmacist. They are usually first point of contacts for the patient.


  • Clinical medication Management
  • Assessment of patients in diagnosed and non-diagnosed condition
  • Computing medicine
  • Providing Pharmaceutical information
  • Supervising pharmacy technicians and other staffs
  • Oversight of dispensing medicines on prescription
  • Administering immunizations
  • Constructing drug formularies
To become a pharmacist they must be licensed under Nepal Pharmacy Council.

Academic Requirement

Bachelor of Pharmacy from any recognized University with


Salary per month is Rs 40000

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