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PHP developer is a person who develops applications, programs and website and also creates user interfaces. A PHP developer have to perform tasks such as website administration, software testing and user training. PHP is a pivotal language for startups and small businesses. It is also a top language for advertising and design. PHP developers are divided into web developers and software developers. PHP developers write server side web applications by using Hypertext preprocessor scripting language. They have a proper understanding of MVC designs and front end technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. They respond to integration request of the front end developers. They update and alter application features to enhance the performance.
php developer

Academic requirements

Bachelor degree in Computer Application or Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Information Technology with ability to manage the project.


• Scalability
• Project Management
• Problem solving
• Back end
• Front end
• Analytical
• Communicating
• Documenting
• Reporting


E-Commerce, Websites, Facebook, Mobile apps, Software Companies, Digital Marketing and Companies using Artificial Intelligence, Freelancer. Bonus is PHP developer can have relocation and VISA sponsorships if they have a mission abroad.

Pay scale

From Rs17000 to Rs68000 per month.

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