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Job Details on Pilot

A Pilot fly and navigate airplanes, helicopters and other types of aircraft. They work for transporting people and cargo on the fixed schedules. They offer chartered flights and as well as monitoring instruments. The main duty of cargo is to carry Passengers and cargo and insure the safety of airplane crews while flying from one destination to another. They perform pre and post flight aircraft inspections, select safe and efficient flight routes, determine the risks, keep accurate flight records, communicate with required agencies and the personnel and ensure safety of passengers and aircraft. In a systematic way you can become a professional pilot. By researching pilot nschools, taking introductory training flight, applying for first class medical certificate, apply for student pilot certificate rated by IACRA and start taking flying lessons. The examinees should pass Private Pilot knowledge test, pass private Pilot practical exams to become a private Pilot.

Skills required to become a Pilot

  • Exceptional Interpersonal skills
  • Conduct business in a Professional manner
  • Work for day or night shifts
  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Task Management
  • Professional demeanor
  • Adaptability
Pilot are synonymous in job titles such as Rated First Officer, Rated Captain, Captain, Pilots, and Navigator. Pilots with license have the permit to fly Airplanes, Helicopter and other forms of Aerial transportation. They can work in civil Companies such as Airlines industry for both government and as well as Private airlines. They receive benefits in not only pay scale but perks such as retirement plans, insurance coverage, and travel for business or with family, sense of power and freedom which are not prevalent in regular jobs.


Rs 2, 50,000 to Rs 4, 50, 000 per month.

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