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Job Details on Production Manager

Production is an integral part of business and it allows us to cater the needs and demands by the consumers in the market. A Person who is in charge of Production is called a Production Manager. He has to ensure that goods and services are produced safely at cost effective manner, select the equipment and look at its maintenance along with monitoring productivity rates and product standards and ensure health and safety and make it ready for Just in time delivery.  Supervision and motivation of the workers to get them going in production is also another integral part of Production Manager.

Work Areas

  • Production Planning
  • Production Control
  • Quality Cost
  • Method Analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Plant layout
  • Standardization
  • Work Maintenance 

Skillset Required to Become a Production Manager

  1. Planning and Organizing
  2. Coordination and Control
  3. Decisiveness
  4. Clear communication and negotiation skills
  5. Logical
  6. Conceptual
  7. Problem Solving

Academic Qualification

Bachelor or Masters in Engineering, Business Administration, Pharmacy

Production Manager Jobs

Pharmaceutical, Chemical Companies, FMCGs, textile, furniture

Production Manager Salary

Starting 18000 up to Rs 55000 NPR

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