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Script Writer are the people who work in pre-production of a television soap or movies or programs. All the recorded form of media required a script and the writers work for long day around the table with a scripts on which the event will be hosted. They are very creative and write dialogues for the artist to portray on camera. They work on every fine details of the scenes that match the whole narration and theme of the program. They fit their stories in a very specialized way and make their work come out naturally to the artist or the performers in front of the camera. Great programs, soaps and movies are the product of the hard work of the scriptwriter’s story and their craftsmanship that makes the entire project come off as real and genuine. Script make the entire look and theme well-coordinated and scriptwriter fit into this role to bring out their best. Academic Qualification for this profession is Bachelor degree in Creative Writing or Bachelor in Film Studies.

Skills required to become a script writer are:

  • Ability to connect with the audience
  • Self-motivated
  • Working flexible hours
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Creative thinking
  • Content Writing
  • Visualization
  • Technical skill
  • Communicating


A good script writer is always in demand by Commercial agencies, Film Companies, Theatrics, media Companies, television and radio channels, digital Companies.


Salary per month: Rs 18000 to Rs 24000 per month

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