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Job Details on Software Developer

People in the Software Developer job position are responsible for developing, designing and implementing a new software product or working over a modified software product of the ongoing business. In a company they are a part of the IT team and also play the liaison role of Business Analyst and Development Managers to make sure the developed software meets the requirements of the work or a project. Those who want to apply for the Software Developer job position need to have a thorough understanding of programming such as Java, C++, .NET, Sybase, Oracle and use these concepts for designing and developing software projects. 

software developer

Skills and qualification

The skills and qualification required for software developer job position are formal academic degree or education in Computing, Software Engineering, Software Programming and Development, Mathematical knowledge, Physics and Electronics disciplines. 

Some of the personality traits who will succeed in the software developer job position are:

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills to communicate complex features or processes to their counterparts 
  • Should have an eye for detail
  • A learning mind to absorb new technologies quickly
  • They must also be punctual
  • Disciplined
  • Team player and 
  • Logical in their approach of work

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Identifying the needs such as core functionality that users need from software programs and also work on modifying the existing program and developing them
  2. Research, design, implement and manage the software programs
  3. Working with efficient coding
  4. Deployment of process, tools and software metrics
  5. Upgrading the existing system
  6. Training the users to work with software applications
  7. Testing and evaluating the new program 
  8. Working in a close circle with other developers, designers, business analysts, system developers

Types of Software Developers

Application Software Developers: They create complex databases for an organization. They can create custom as well as commercial software which can easily support the internet or intranet of the company.

System Software Developers: They create software systems specifically for the organization and maintain the systems to work properly. Some also work with an interface that allows the user to interact with the computer’s system.

Job Prospects

Software Developer job position are the requirements for research based companies such as Medical, Health, Consumer Appliances, Cyber Security, Mathematicians or Statistic based Companies run by Government, Instructors/Trainers etc.

Some of the job positions for Developers and their monthly corresponding salary structures are listed below:

  • Computer Hardware Engineers: NRs. 62,800
  • Computer Network Architects: NRs. 82,300
  • Computer and Information research Scientist: NRs. 85,000
  • Computer Programmers: NRs. 70,000
  • Computer Support Specialists: NRs. 35,000
  • Database Administrators: NRs. 80,000
  • Information Security Analysts: NRs. 77,700
  • Web developers: NRs. 70,700 

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