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Job Details on software Quality Analyst

A software Quality Analyst is a certified person who provides software quality assurance and practices in the Information Technology profession. This individual is known by his group of professional business associates. Software Quality Analyst has complete knowledge and information about bug database software and version control, client and server architecture, types and level of testing, and their techniques along with Defect Management.
According to Software Quality Assurance, the Analyst has to comply with the SQA Management plan that has four stages: Production which involves planning and testing, Development aided by research and analysis, Baseline System which has Prototyping and design, and Releases to the market which includes delivery and support services. All these are the main domains of work for a Software Quality Analyst.

Academic qualification

Bachelor of Computer Application with two years of working experience to become an ISO 9000 certified Software Quality Analyst.

Career opportunities

Software Quality Analyst are requirements for Information technology Company, E-Commerce Business, Corporate that involve with software design, Database Companies, and startups. They have to work full time depending upon the size of the firm.

Skills of SQA

  • Communication skills: SQA has to communicate with other teams and Management of Information technology
  • Time Management skills: They have to work in a time-bound manner and allocate time for their work
  • Team building: They have to work with inter-departmental teams and present their finding and observations
  • Problem-solving: They have to identify and solve problems that can impede quality assurances
  • Logical: They must think logically and perform tests and evaluations whenever required
  • Analytical: They must analyze and devise designs and configure to the market needs and requirements
  • Quantitative skills: They must strong mathematical ability such as data analysis, statistics, etc
  • Computing: SQA must have a strong computing base. They must have a thorough understanding of hardware, software, networking, and design to be able to work as a Software Quality Analyst
  • Task Management skills: For Software Quality Analyst task Management become pivotal. They should prioritize their every task and Manage to get all tasks done effectively and efficiently and submit before the stipulated time


Rs 28000 to Rs 38000 per month

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