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Job Details on System Analyst

The major roles of System Analyst job position is to analyze and design techniques to solve problems regarding designing and implementing information systems by identifying required organizational improvements. System Analyst also design systems to implement the changes and train others so that they can use the systems properly. System Analyst are also known as Business Technology Analyst. This job position falls under one of the essential parts of the system life cycle that organizations need for large scale IT Projects. 

system analyst

Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties and responsibilities required for the System Analyst job position in the organizations of Nepal are listed below:

  • Evaluate the organizational and human impact for planned system
  • Make sure technical requirements are properly integrated with existing system and skills
  • Troubleshooting of technical problems in an organization
  • Interact with software architect to know the software limitations
  • Run the training system and workshop of software processes
  • Plan to mitigate the risks incurred
  • Conduct regular review of systems and generate reports
  • Creating system guidelines and manuals for the organization

Personality Requirements

If you are interested in working in one of the organizations of Nepal in the System Analyst job position then you should be capable of:

  • Planning and evaluating
  • Thinking and problem solving
  • Project Management 
  • Working under high pressure and deadlines
  • High level written and verbal communication
  • Data modelling 

Academic Proponents

In order to be a System Analyst, you must have formal academic qualification either in the background of Information Technology, Computer Science, or Business Management. If you specifically hold a degree with formal education then the chances of getting System Analyst job position are even higher.

Service Area

A professional System Analyst can advise the employers or the clients on the type of software they need and carry liaison with users to see if their work can be performed smoothly. 

System Analyst can work from junior job position and move up to the senior job position. Software Companies, Consultancies, Digital Companies, IT Companies, Telecommunications, Retail Companies, and many more use the services from System Analyst. The pay scale ranges from NRs. 35,800 to NRs. 1,20,000 for highly professional job holders.

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