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Job Details on Teacher

A teacher is an academic profession who deals with students learning, growth and advancements. They are responsible for building future of students and pupils by directing to their life goals and educating them by professional knowledge and practices inside a School, College, and University. Teachers help to shape the better future of their pupils. They facilitate the learning process of students through various courses and subjects inside a classroom. They are also responsible for assessment of their students’ academic performance and also play role as a Counselor through corrective actions, discipline and their knowledge.

Academic Qualification

Academic Qualification required to become a teacher are B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education), M.Ed. (Master of Education), and C.A. (Chartered Accountant), Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). They must also have a teaching experience, designing coursework and current instructional strategies appropriate for students at specific grade or level. Teacher can teach at primary level, secondary level and higher secondary level. They are also called as lecturers, academic coach or course instructors at Colleges.

Duties of a teacher

  1. Providing academic lessons in a comprehensive manner with Audio-Visual display.
  2. Providing instruction and also promoting interactive learning
  3. Providing and distributing educational contents to the students
  4. Help prepare students for examinations
  5. Assess and record students’ progress and also provide grades and feedbacks.
  6. Understand student’s behavior and providing counseling and correction
  7. Enhance professional skills by taking part in seminars.
  8. Work with personalized learning goals and activities that are coherent with global learning


Salary of a teacher per month starts from Rs 30000 up to Rs 59,900 per month. They can work for Government or Private Schools and Colleges.

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