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A Tour guide works in Travel and trekking agencies. He is a leader of the group and advises about information and insights about places, its historic backgrounds and relevance’s, cultural aspects such as arts and architectures and peoples religious inclinations during the tour with the tourist. Tour guide must have sound knowledge of arts, language, history and significance of the places where the tours are made. They must have expertise and obtained a Government license to work as a Professional tour guide. Tour guide should be informative and also supportive and look after their group during the visits and returning back safely to hotel room. They can work for an agency or a freelancing companies. They have the knowhow about different topographies and can easily lead the group for site visit.
tour guide

The main duties

  • Undertaking research and planning the tours
  • Offering sightseeing briefs and knowledge about the place of visit
  • Organizing and leading excursions and taking care of safety
  • Translating and interpreting
  • Transporting and accompanying tourist
  • Operational solutions to encountered problems.


Tour Guide must have Communication skills, organizing, leading, problem- solving, interpreting, research and presentation skills.

Academic Qualification

Bachelor in travel and tourism Management with five years of experience in tourism. Should speak different languages fluently and work with the General public and knowledge about different places. Tour guides can be a part of domestic, inbound tours.


Rs35000-Rs60000 per month.

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