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Job Details on Web Programmer

The major role of Web Programmer job position holder is to convert a software program design into a set of instructions that allows the computer to follow and help in launch of a new program that can meet the needs of business and the industry. Their duties also involves testing the website, providing support and performing maintenance.

web programmer

To become a web programmer a bachelor degree in Computer technology or Information Systems are required. They have a thorough understanding of programming such as HTML, C++, Asp.NET, AJAX, LINUX, JavaScript, Android, and XML. They spend at least forty hours per week of Computing by managing databases, analyzing software systems, and writing code.

Job Description

In most of the organizations of Nepal, Web Programmer job position holders are expected to be able to do the following tasks:

  • Integrate backend data to allow the flow of information used by marketing departments from both sides and interdepartmental data transfer
  • Upgrade and repair the existing systems of the computer to enhance the performance of users’ accessibility to the website
  • Doing periodical tests and debugging that allows to maximize the efficiency
  • Following security measures by knowing the most common threads to web application to track hackers
  • Staying up-to-date with the industrial developments and keep the website relevant and up-to-date
  • Writing clean and testable code for making it accessible globally
  • Collaborate with the internal team and know the system’s requirements and keep up with changes

Personality Traits of Web Programmer

If you have the following personality traits then you will be suitable for the job position of a Web Programmer:

  • Analytical: Web Programmer must be analytical to detect errors or while implementing new technological methods
  • Logical: They must be able to use logic language, programs and hyperlinks for coding important classes of applications
  • Patience: Web programmer should be patient and should not rush towards problem solving without learning the true facts
  • Passion: They must be passionate about building software and be able to work in teams
  • Factual: Web programmer must work with the facts about programming and developing web pages
  • Informative: They must possess knowledge about different parts of Web development and use it at the time of need

Career Scope

In Nepal, they have a huge scope in Digital media agency, IT Companies, and Software Companies. They start the Web Programmer job position by earning NRs. 19,000 on average and with proficiency they can earn up to NRs. 40,000 per month.

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