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Job Details on Yoga Instructor

A Yoga Instructor job position holder is the person who teaches and assists students while doing yoga practices. They can teach yoga to just a single person or in the group. They can either work for an organization or can be self-employed. Main duties of Yoga Instructor job position holder are leading groups to various types of yoga practice, demonstrating the practice and the techniques, offering assistance to students who are unable to do perform properly, and assisting them in their fitness regimes.

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Necessary Skills Required to Become a Yoga Instructor

The skillset that a person needs to have in order to become qualified for the Yoga Instructor job position are listed below:

  • Physical and mental fitness: to instruct the clients on a regular basis
  • Communication: important to explain about various yoga poses and its benefits to the clients
  • Motivation: Yoga instructor must be self-motivated as well as should be able to motivate their clients to do yoga regularly
  • Teaching: must have teaching experience and knowledge to teach the right techniques to the students so that they can practice yoga by themselves and can teach their family and society
  • Training: Yoga instructor job position holder must be capable of provide training on scheduled date and time
  • Patience: Often the students might not promptly get the proper yoga techniques and it is up to the instructor to see and correct that by being patient and observant
  • Compassion: must have compassion which allows the class to be spiritually connected
  • Listening: Yoga instructor must listen to what the clients and students are requesting to make the sessions more effective; two way benefits can be derived through good listening skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

No matter how you offer your services, whether you offer it from an organization or you offer it as a freelancer, Yoga Instructor job position holder needs to perform following duties and responsibilities:

  • Teaching a range of yoga postures and training clients from basic to advanced levels
  • Reviewing students' performance and progress
  • Strategically design the class to ensure maximum benefit to the students
  • Finding clients through marketing, sales and social media

Academic Qualification

Academic qualifications that you need to possess in order to be able to work as a Yoga Instructor are Diploma in Teaching Yoga. 


This job position holders can work for flexible hours and schedules; either in the morning or in the evening sessions. Normally, this is a part time job as the clients will be mostly be available in morning and evening sessions. The salary will start from NRs. 16,000 and can be as high as NRs. 30,000 per month based on expertise.

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