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About the Program

Civil engineering is the branch of engineering science which deals with the design, construction and maintenance of roads, dams, tunnels, canals, bridges, highways and buildings. Civil engineers have been shaping the world and making our lives easier. We can see amazing construct of civil engineers all around the world and in Nepal also, the work of theses engineers are being competitive. They are concentrated on handling some bigger development projects that will give a new face to Nepal’s infrastructure.

KIC offers the Bachelor of Civil Engineering course which is a 4 years course divided into 8 semesters. The scope of civil engineering has increased nowadays. Due to great job opportunities in this field, students are attracted to this course.

It is a civil engineer’s responsibility to complete the assigned project in given time, expenditure and available resources, keeping in the view the environmental issues and hazards of the project. BE Civil graduates can find job opportunities in government organizations, private construction companies, Universities as surveyor, technical report writer, project manager or teacher. 

Why BE Civil at KIC?


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