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About the Program

Interior Design is the methodology of giving a creative look to the internal space through a sequence of processes such as conceptual development, site inspection, research, execution of the design, etc. To carry out these tasks, the interior designers should be able to use technical knowledge, creativity and aesthetic vision.

Interior designing has been an ancient culture in Nepalese society as well but the decoration manner and the resources available were very different then compared to current situation. The style of interior designing has been evolving with time and now it has a great scope in Nepal too. As the standard of living developed, people have realized its need and importance and spend quite a time and money in decorating their home, office, companies, etc.

As a result, the job opportunities for interior designers have rapidly increased in past few years. For the interested students, KIC offers a Bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) which is a 3 years (6 semesters) course. The students will be provided with essential trainings and equipments so that upon completion of the course, the college will produce highly qualified professionals. After graduating this course, students can pursue interior designing career or continue further study of Master level.

Why BID at KIC?


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