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Lumbini Buddhist University

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About University

Leeds Beckett University is a vibrant multicultural community that fosters collaboration between students and teachers. With a modern hub building and top-notch infrastructure, it caters to a diverse population of 28,000 students. The institution boasts an inspiring environment for teaching and learning. Its rich history traces back to 1824, and it adopted its current name in 2014 following a series of transformative changes. Leeds Beckett University has campuses located in both the City and Headingley, offering a unique and convenient educational experience. make it more unique and shorter

Academic Programs

The academic programs are based on following Faculties as mentioned below:

  • Faculty of Buddhist Studies
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Science 

The Faculty of Buddhist Studies have been generated with an inspiration of teachings by Lord Gautama Buddha and his message for peace and harmony. Under this Faculty there are multi faceted academic disciplines in Bachelor and Masters programs. The main academic programs are:

  • Bachelors program in Bhot Buddhist studies,
  • Masters Degree in Mahayan Buddhism,
  • Masters in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies,
  • Masters in Theravada Buddhism,
  • Masters in Buddhism and Peace Studies,
  • PGD in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological,
  • MA in AgroForestry,
  • MA in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies,
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Library, Information Science and Buddhist Archival Management,
  • MA in Buddhist Studies,
  • PGD in Yogic Science and Buddhism,
  • PhD. in Buddhist studies and
  • MA in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Science. 

Under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

 School of Development Studies and Applied Science, there are following programs:

  • Master in Agroforestry
  • Master in Development Studies
  • Master in Environmental Studies

Certification Programs:

  • Certificate in Pali Language
  • Certificate in Sanskrit Language
  • Certificate in Chinese Language
  • Certificate in Tibetan Language

Lumbini Research Centre:

Besides the mainstream academic programs in Bachelor, Masters anf Doctorate degrees , Lumbini Buddhist University also have a cell called Lumbini Research Centre. Academic researches in areas of Buddhist philosophy, Literature, Education, Culture, Development Studies, Applied Science and Current Social Issues are made to bring foresights in fields of Management, Arts, Social Sciences, Literature and National Security.