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About the Program

BBA is a four years (8 semesters) course offered under the affiliation of Pokhara University. It takes 126 credit hours to complete the course. This course opens doors for various job opportunities such as investment advisor, business journalist, marketing manager, administrative officer, environmental consulting, etc. The BBA course encloses seven areas of study:

  • Analytical tools: Consists of 10 courses of total 30 credits in the field of computer, economics, mathematics, and research methods.
  • Support Courses: Consists of 7 courses of total 21 credits in the field of psychology, English, sociology, business communication, logic and business law.
  • Core courses: Consists of 12 courses of total 36 credits in the field of human resource management, general management, marketing, accounting, finance, and management information system.
  • Capstone courses: Consists of 3 courses of total 9 credits in the field of strategic management and business environment in Nepal.
  • Internship and project work: After 4th semester, summer project is to be completed, after 6th semester, summer internship is to be done and later, a report is to be submitted. The internship and project work are of total 6 credits.
  • Concentration Area: Consists of six courses of total 18 credit hours in the field of management science, accountancy, management, finance, and marketing.


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