Interview with Shailendra Raj Giri

Q) How did you come with the idea of going online for announcing job vacancies for people?

We were established as an HR consulting firm back in 2002.This Company is named as Real Solutions.We had this service called Recruitment Process Outsourcing.We were working with different organizations especially banks. When we asked for vacancy announcements we had the option for post box. When it came to bank the applicants applying for different post were large in numbers. We had to go with baggage to carry the post.Once it reached our office we had to do work manually to start the process.It was a very lengthy process to tabulate all the information of applicants and do the shortlisting.It was hectic but I wanted to it in a simple way.We heard about which was doing well that time.I saw that internet is our future around in 2005. We thought of starting like that and see how it goes. It took three years to make We introduced the idea to people that you have to fill the form online and then submit to us.Most of the work were done by individuals themselves. We got the filled tabulated data and that was our journey from the start.

Q) What are the things the applicants must consider while searching for jobs online? How can their requirements be fulfilled?

Applicants while applying need to have a good documentation. World is all about content. What content they should have is directly related to their own specifications.They have to fill form in such a way that it should reflect about him or her. It has to be presentable and meaningful. It should be attractive. Besides profiling the content filled is another important part. What you have must be reflected there. While searching for job a person should know what is he capable of? Nobody knows about him other than himself.There should be the match between job and the candidate. If the job seeker think that he can’t do the jobs that require him to do then don’t apply for that position.Job specification clearly mention the knowledge required and skill required. The job seeker must sharpen their skills if they think they don’t have those attributes. If the match is above 70% then people should apply.A fresher applying for senior level job is not possible.They have to start from grass root level.

Q) There are many students who want to make money from home. How to earn money (passive income) without online investments do you have suggestions for them?

There are lots of jobs such as freelancers that can be done from home. There are pros and cons of working from home. The pros are you have freedom but the cons are people don’t get exposure. People will miss out the social part of it when they are remaining inside the home. In office they learn about lots of things outside of their home. Working from home is periodic.

Q) Do you publish vacancies for online jobs that can be done in weekends- part time?

We have part time jobs also in Merojob. It is not mentioned exactly if it can be done in weekend or in morning shifts.

Q) Do you have cases where advertising job vacancies online for some companies did not meet your standards?

There are some companies that say I want good people. When we ask them about offered salary,if you can publish that then the talented people will be attracted to that if you mention it. Lots of them are reluctant to share their culture because they have not invested in Human Resource Management. Good organizations have these qualities, they explain very fluently. This will attract people and number of applicants will be also high. We are not hiding Company’s name and title they have to come up with it. People should be transparent about where they are applying. We rework on their given notifications and helping in this manner.

Q) How many applicants have responded to online vacancy? Has the trend been increasing?

It depends on different job sectors. If you say in banking there are fluctuations. There was a situation where people use to apply a lot. It went down when people were applying for Visas for going to Australia, United Kingdom. When banking had negative marking the applications went down. In Information technology also companies have high demand there are less people in market the application will be low. So it depends on fluctuation with real life situations.

Q) How do you check whether the vacancies are genuine or not from one company to another?

We always do that. All companies who have posted about their job vacancies online are being verified by us. We see the physical outlet of the company. We verify the registration number and other aspects.We have conversation with them. If it is not genuine we will never approve that. We never take money from job seekers if it is found so we blacklist them.

Q) How long has “Merojob” come and how do you bridge the gap between job seekers and the employers?

We are spread throughout the World, but our focus is on mainly Nepali people and any companies that work in Nepal not outside Nepal. So, we are not exporting people. We are trying to bring the people back to the country if they are going for foreign employment. We have proper networking channel and searching job is free online we take no money from job seekers.


Q) What is the duration of online jobs from published date normally? How do you stream the applicant’s responses?

The ideal time is minimum seven days. Once you publish the advertisements online you start getting immediate responses.Companies can start out shortlisting and make calls for it. Normally seven days is the practice. Some companies give 15 days time. So that people don’t miss out the opportunity.


Q) What are the criteria the employers should mention if they have to post job vacancies online?

They have to introduce themselves. They have to clearly mention the objectives of the jobs. There are different elements like the job categories senior counsellor falls in education category. What level is the job position, how many vacancies are there in their organizations. Is it full time or part time.Job location to know where the job has to be done.Salary, which we encourage them to mention their salary but some hesitate to disclose their salary.Job specifications and things that have to be done should be there. We ask them to tell the perspective applicants that we are the best. We have proved it also. They can also mention about their organization culture and about their benefit packages, corporate ambience.Banking jobs have had more applicants for freshers.

Q) Have you come up with any new strategies for making online job more strong and reachable?

We have the marketing department, we go to colleges and educate about what is job. What are the things a person need to prepare for it.We have blogs also where we try to communicate about power of keeping open mind and different channels like facebook, linked basically we are trying to educate about finding right jobs.

Interview of:

Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri

Managing Director

Real Solutions.



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