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About the Program

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) at Shankar Dev Campus (SDC) is a 4-year comprehensive business course affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU). This course aims to provide students with wide range of knowledge on various aspects of management. The subjects listed in the curriculum will be dealt by the experienced professors. The students will get a strong foundation of various aspects of management upon the completion of the course.

The completion of this course opens the doors of various opportunities for the graduates. The students can get apply for various management jobs right away after the completion of this course. They have the choice to apply for the jobs associated with various industries, such as manufacturing, banking, travel, and so on. They can also go on to pursue their studies by applying for a master degree.


Eligibility and admission procedure

In order to be eligible for the course, you are required to complete 12 years of formal schooling. To get an admission for BBS course at the SDC, you need to fill up an application form along with the copies of your academic certificates.

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