A Voyage to Rara Lake

Summarizing the journey that gave me the memories which never fails to fill my heart with joy has always been a beautiful experience. So here I want to share one of the most mesmerizing trips of my life, a voyage to Rara Lake.

Our journey to Rara began at around 10 a.m. after landing on Talcha Airport. The Talcha Airport is situated at the top of the hills from where we could easily see the headquarter of the Mugu; Gamgadhi, a lightly populated village and not only Gamghadi we saw the hills covered with snow. And it is just the beginning, there was much more to explore.

After spending few moments capturing the enchanting beauty of the hills of Talcha by our cameras we were on our way to Danfe hotel which happens to be my uncle’s hotel. Lucky us, we did not have to pay for rooms. After resting for a while and having lunch we decided to roam around for a while. As we were already tired, we decided to visit the National Park the next day.

Next morning at around 8 a.m. we started our journey to Rara Lake. As expected the journey was bit difficult. It was a long route and the path was little slippery, one of mine friend fall down and fractured his leg. We took him to the nearby clinic and leaving him in the hotel room, we resumed our trek. After walking for around two hours we reached Rara National Park. The park was preserved really well. On our way, we saw various types of flora and fauna. We were amazed to see the flowers which we had never seen in our life before.

At around 1 a.m., we reached the lake. The clear and deep lake of Rara, mirroring the majestic Himalayan and surrounded by blue pine black juniper forest; the sight was breathtaking. The lake was tranquil and the water was flowing beautifully. The peace I felt at
that moment is unexplainable. It was the first time I was feeling so much peace.
The beauty of the lake left me astounded and excited. After spending the quality time admiring the beauty we returned to the hotel.

We decided to stay in Rara for a few days as I was little exhausted and had caught a cold. The native of Mugu suggested me to drink local herbs mixed tea to beat the cold which was enriched with the flavor of the Himalayas. The best tea I had ever tested worked like magic in healing my cold.

Water has a strange affinity; it calms me and could literally take me over the cloud. Rara made me reflect upon my life more and more. With so many memories within our mind and joy in our heart, we returned back to our city. The journey was indeed an exhilarating experience.

Badri Prasad Bhatt
The Times International College

Trip Details & Facts

Rara National Park, Nepal’s smallest and most scenic national park that spreads over an area of 106 square kilometers, is situated about 370 kilometers north- west of Kathmandu and lies in Mugu, a mountainous district of the western region of Nepal. The undisturbed and the largest lake in Nepal is also renowned as Mahendra Tal. The National Park ascends from 1800 m to 4480 m forested by conifers. The pivotal of Rara National Park is the pristine Rara Lake, which stands at the height of 2990 m. and spreads over 10.8 square kilometers.

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