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Russia is the largest Country in the world.Russian economy ranks the twelfth largest by nominal GDP. It has world class hotels and restaurants, exciting tours, history and architecture and now the playground of World Cup 2018. You can arrive at Russia and reach the match, the passion and suspense of live football, cheering your favourite team. Russia has many places to visit like the museums, winter palace and stunning culture and arts and architecture of Russian people. There are lots of souvenir shops in Russia that sell various items like Khokhloma, decorated birch bark, lacquer boxes,porcelain, amber, fur and malachite.

You can enjoy variety of Russian cuisines that have come from Northern and Eastern Europe, Caucasian, Siberian and East Asian.Soups and salad are an integral part of Russian meal.Moscow is the Capital city of Russia which is situated in Western part of the Country. Red square is Russian’s symbolic center.Cathedral and domes are beautiful display of Russia’s abundant Culture and your sightseeing agenda. Russia will make the incredible World Cup host.In 2018, 32 national teams will converge in Russia for a month long football festival-The World cup. The matches will spread through 11 cities. The opening ceremony is on June 13th. The matches run till July 15th.

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