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About the Program

Bachelor of Business Administration, Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) at Uniglobe College is affiliated with Pokhara University. It is a comprehensive 4-year business course, consisting of a total of 129 credit hours that is designed for the students who have set their vision to contribute to the banking and insurance sector.

The college highly emphasizes on enhancing the skills and knowledge of the students by consistently getting them involved in project works, group assignments, presentations, and more. The students are also exposed to the international business scenario to equip them with the knowledge of the global business environment. After the completion of this degree, the students can easily fill the gap of various management levels, and they are also eligible to pursue Master degree in various courses.


Admission Process for BBA-BI in Uniglobe College:

The Uniglobe College enrolls new students once in every year. To be eligible to get an admission in the college, you are required to complete 12 years of formal schooling with either a second division or a 2.0 CGPA out of 4.0. After checking your eligibility, you should go through the systematic admission process that is set by the college.

  • Application form: The first step to getting an admission is to fill up an application form. You should provide all the necessary information in the form, and you should provide all the attested copies of your academic certificates to the college.
  • Admission Test: After submitting an application form, you are required to give an admission test. The verbal, quantitative, and reasoning abilities are measured in this test.
  • Personal interview: After you clear the entrance test, the faculty members of the college set an interview date. The faculty members may ask you structured, unstructured, and semi-structured questions.
  • Admission decision: When all the above process is successfully completed by the candidates, the faculty members carefully go through all the results, and they choose the best candidates.

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