Learn and Relearn

People have always been encouraged to learn new things. Exposing oneself to new environment, new challenges, taking the risk, etc. are some of the ‘advised’ ways to learn new things. Well, learning new things is always a good idea, but, it is equally important to re-learn the things we already know about.

We live in the age of information, and it is quite easy to get information we need, about any given topic. But with the abundant sources of information, there is always a chance that what we know, might be incomplete, outdated or poorly constructed set of information.

For instance, we all know that the Earth goes around the Sun. But our ancestors had a different idea and used to think it was the Sun that went around our Earth. Just imagine, if we hadn’t updated our idea of how day and night occurred, we might have still believed that the Sun went around the Earth. Not only that, it was earlier believed that Sun was a static astronomical body. However, scientists have proved that even the Sun revolves around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. And there are countless number of things yet to be discovered about our Earth.

For people, rather scientists, to prove these took years and years of observation and research. But, we don’t need to go that deep; what we can do is apply their methods.

There may be one or two topics that we understand more. Focusing our energy on studying more about those topics, to learn every angle there might be, would certainly help us progress. We don’t necessarily need to learn new topics every time, adopting a new learning technique to old topics can also teach you something new.

Or, we can even learn about our family, our friends or even ourselves. Things that we didn’t know them about yesterday. Through our observation, we can try to understand what makes them smile, or what ticks them off, reasons of their mood swings or their favorite book to read. There is always something new to learn.

Even if we don’t understand everything, it’s ok. We need to explore and experiment the variables of topics we do understand. And be updated with the latest technologies or new methods to do the same thing. After all, it’s our continuous efforts that makes us masters in areas of our interests. We just need to stay curious and never stop learning.

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