Perceptive on Social Science from Academician

Social science education in Nepal is in the transition phase and has an innovative kind of process to it. With the development of Management studies and Information technology education, social science studies are in shadows. Despite having more and more opportunities in this field, students are not aware of what innovative programs have been developed in this sector. Nepal is socially backwards. There are lots of areas students can explore besides science and management. Students must explore what has been developed in education and Universities have to explore and bring the practices of international developed communities. The education scenario is not very matured. It was only after democracy a formal system came to forefront and this is the right time we can develop considerably, innovate certain new kind of technologies in education sector. Social sciences have greater level of opportunity, changes and development from the present context. Social science is apart from pure science. It is about society we study in social science. Communities develop from social science. We are part of society who wants to live in peace and harmony, be aware of what is happening around us nationally and internationally, expand horizons for development of our country, every individual finds space in one another, create a politically aware society and development in socio-economic aspects, are the roles of Social Science which cannot be neglected. It is essential that we understand our nation and contribute for its betterment.


Tribhuvan University (T.U) is the oldest University of Nepal. Earlier social science was confined to Bachelors' degree program like B.A in political science, sociology. This saw a decrease of student’s number and enrolment for the study of Bachelors in Arts. With privatization subjects like mass communications, rural development and social work came to the forefront. Now under T.U subjects like Psychology, Research and Development, social work studies are conducted. The active members’ entries from their respective subjects are looking forward to areas of improvising specialization. When other universities were running 4 year Bachelor's degree program T.U University also made it seeing the importance and applications in the
course of study. BSW (Bachelors in Social Work) is a 4 years program. Going through course design workshops to make specialization subjects more thorough and impactful for their students T.U has focused on the structure and content of course design. The obstacle faced by Tribhuvan University is conservative way of thinking and political intervention which leads to diversified set of mind and thought process when it comes to decision making and moving progressively. If there were no distractions at University board then transitions would have been easier and goals could be reached easily from a consensus. To make decisions it is facing hurdles and obstacles in the management.

Pure science produce technical students who does specific sets of work but apart from technicians we need to think above and think as leaders not just workers. We need to understand thought process of people, know where our society is heading, lead the country to a developed nation, determine policies and law for good governance and eradicate poverty and unemployment problems etc such knowledge we can't derive just from pure science we need social science. That is where the importance of social science takes the role of pilot flying his aircraft. Conservative approach ties the hand, for making more liberal we should give flexibility for learning. Programs and subjects should be developed with needs and time. In order to extend the social science wing we could also make study material of boarder problems and conflicts, history and its usage pattern in the modern life to make the department of social science accommodate all these issues. We need to broaden our horizons and perceptions as well.


Today educated people holding a degree, evade entering at politics. Rather, they seek out for well paid jobs. Government policy must ensure towards creating jobs based on capability and merit. Public Service Commission under government regulation has limitations of recruiting 3-4 candidates out of 50,000 candidates applying for the job. Well prepared candidates make for the oral interview by passing out written test but fail during interview by coming short to people who have power to get appointed for job out of handful. This trend discourages many educated people on losing out with incompetent ones. Talented people shift their focus on technical studies like engineering, Information technology, doctors and get selected for foreign employment or specialization. Our country is losing hold of talented and well educated bunch of people who can be exceptional to our society. Social science can access this issue. For the government schools and colleges, the discouraging aspect is that rich and affluent group of people in government along with rich politicians have started opening schools and colleges of their own. They publicize people to enroll at their colleges and it becomes an eye candy due to which people shift from government institutes to private colleges. The educated people should be given a place to show their skills and knowledge. They are ready to work but we need to give them a workplace for working and studying to encourage them to come ahead.


At one time in our society, there was a belief that studying medicine and engineering was not only a step for building career with some social status but also a noble profession. People wanted their children to pursue these subjects and become engineers and doctors. Those who had the aspiration made it but many found it tough to fulfill their parent’s dream. These professions are for a particular sector only. Social science on the other hand is a wide area. Students today have many options before them; they can weigh the pros and cons of every situation and have identified their interest. They always look for alternate options. Education policies have amended over the years with changes for the requirements to meet student’s life goals. If someone doesn’t want to study technical field they may join social science. Over the years the attitude of people has evolved for social science. Well to do people are from engineering or medicine background is a myth that has been broken. For earning and tackling the social issues the people who take the necessary step by coming forward represent majority of social science background. The importance of social science has increased in solving complex social problems. Work for political scientist, geographer, economist, lawyers; anthropologists have begun on a fast track. Interdisciplinary subjects haven’t replaced pure science. The new approach in the field of education sector is the interdisciplinary approach. However, it cannot phase out the specialization subjects. Social science is very useful.


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