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As a secondary school student, Social Studies and English Literature always fascinated me and I could relate to almost everything that I studied in those books. The hunger to explore images that these subjects had created in my mind brought me to Kathmandu to study Social Science. Social Science has given me a whole new perspective of looking at people and their behavior in the society. I feel privileged to be studying Liberal Arts which is a multi-disciplinary program where I get introduced to major subjects like Political Science, Economics, Sociology and some others along with minors like Public Finance, Conflict Management and Peace, Psychology and many more. These courses have made me capable of finding answers to many hows and whys of society and understanding things better. Social Science has strengthened my sense of responsibility towards the society and fellow human beings. The perks of studying social science do not end only in professional life but extends to personal life with development of life values like patience, empathy and humanity that definitely earns a lot of love and respect. I am enjoying every second of my life as a student of social science as the world is my library and every single individual a different book to be explored.


Community Development is a diverse course introduced by Kathmandu University including various subjects incorporating different aspect like psychology, development studies, demography, economy and society. We’ve always loved the idea of humanity; appreciated how a diverse group of people have different backgrounds and ideologies that changes the way of looking at life. Exploring rural parts of Nepal to understand the concept of diverse culture and identities has been an attraction of its own and Community Development has helped us do so. The course has made us understand and analyze different dimension of development in term of social, economical and environmental aspect. We believe subjects like Community Development will help students realize how important the field of social science is and how we should be involved in it for a better future. As a third batch of students in this course, we hope to contribute in the process of developing Nepal into the world every Nepali wants to see. Community Development is a comprehensive subject and we are positive about its scope and application in various areas in coming future.


Social Science is a wide spectrum of academic discipline that allows us to better understand the relationship among individuals within a society. It incorporates a broad range of subjects; economics, political science, sociology, law and justice, psychology, geography and history being the prominent ones. Though the common subject matter of social science is relationship of individuals and society, it should not be misunderstood that it is abstract; the study is purely based on facts. In the present mechanical world, it is essential to understand the importance of studying social science. The hard science has been given higher academic value in comparison to social science in the recent years. But we must be aware of the intricate relation these dimensions of science share with each other. The development of science and technology simultaneously with various branches of social science is indispensable for the overall societal progress and regulation of our daily lives.


We human beings are the only supreme living beings who can think about the essence of society and can expose in the form of criticisms. We can react as per the time, situation, conditions, and context with which we are shaped up. More precisely, we can say that each individual's behaviors, relationships and even their minor interactions are guided by the environment which they are exposed at first to till now. Environment (society) here is working as the guideline to ascribe the role in this human society. I personally being as a disciple of social science, theoretically; not more than semi decade; can attempt to apply on my life to interpret and analyze the outer environment being its one aspect. I won't say the study area of social science would lead any individuals to some destined sectors or field. With the broad area of studying field and the world admired perspectives of various theorists, we got to know about the genesis and later history of the society. Due to micro and macro level of study about society, including all aspects within; its scope is broad and can be more productive to know about social life as well as factors affecting on day to day human life with theoretical knowledge of sociology and anthropology.


Me, myself being the student of Political Science believe that without the knowledge of political rights and privileges from a given form of government, we wouldn’t know which rights we have and more importantly the battles that were fought in order to award us these rights. The study of Political Science is not only useful, it is valuable. Political Science deals with theory and practice of Politics, as well as the analysis of our political systems, behavior and culture. It is broken down into several sub-disciplines; political theory, comparative politics, public administration, internal relations, public law, and political methodology. I choose Political Science as my major subject to understand one of the most powerful forces operating on people, communities and corporations today, namely government and politics around the world. Not only this, political science is a discipline that uses different approaches, so it trains in a number of different critical skills that will help succeed in almost any career. I choose Political Science to gain knowledge of appropriate methods and modes of inquiry, including statistical and interpretive techniques to systematically approach the study of political problems and to improve my ability to communicate clearly and persuasively in both oral and written form.


Media means the medium through which communication fosters. I am a student of social work with journalism as a major subject. People have strong misconception about media and the world of glamour that is associated with media somehow.
Yet education sharpens the knowledge and the concept has changed globally. The world has reached at its highest pitch with the technological development shrinking the globe into small village. Each and every moment people do interact using the different forms. Therefore, media plays prominent role in reaching the people with the hot and fresh news, educational information, entertainment, political awareness, advertisements and much more. Media is an important source of information to exchange the knowledge, ideas, suggestions, cultures and traditions. We cannot visualize a life without the instant news that media has been providing to us. It would be like going back to the Stone Ages. Yet there are some lagging points associated with it. Media often recklessly trigger the baseless, vague and unnecessary information. It also creates irrelevant sensation and twist the truth to grab the public’s attention. If used appropriately nothing could be better than media to disseminate the information thereby leading the development of the society and consequently enhancing the growth of the country.


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