Timeline of my life

Timeline of my life

At 1, I was taught to play with dolls Maybe they thought boys better match with balls

At 5, I was taught my favorite color shall be pink

Maybe they knew how colors and lives link At 10, I was taught not to be out for so long,

Maybe they thought it was just wrong At 15, I was taught not to make boyfriends

Maybe they thought it’s how happiness ends.

At 20, I was taught to say bye to shorts Maybe they meant if I fall, it hurts.

At 25, I was taught my family was changing Oh god! Why only my life so challenging At 30, I was taught my husband's joy should be mine

And how all my lights gone still asked me to shine

At 40, I was always taught I shall be the best mother,

They never asked me my passion, my struggle

At 50, when my eyesight went dim

To my god, "please help", I pleaded him At 60, I heard my husband was killed in a war

I cried and feared how I was supposed to restart a life which was never mine

I spend all of it being just too kind Maybe I should have been a little selfish I should have fought for my rights.

Maybe I should have built up my career been bold, beautiful no limits just cheer They taught me many things

But now I want to ask

What does each of them mean? Why was I not allowed to be extraordinary

Like the setting sun in a beautiful scenery They taught and blamed and gossiped a lot

About what was to be done and what was not

After all these years, I want to fly again

Like a winged bird, like in a fairy tale.

I will never care what they say or don't for I have dreamt a bigger world of my own

I will never give up whether smart or coy Cause life is meant to be lived

As a girl or as a boy

For now I have spread powerful wings, I am living a sensible life, it seems

Astha Sharma

Himalaya College of Engineering

British College
World Link Communications
Herald College Kathmandu
Islington College
Shubhashree Academic International College
Triton International College
Thames International College
World Link Communications