If Love Should Arrive!!

Knock! Knock! Its a February call..again.
The thumping of my heartbeat gets louder than the bang!
We are not on sale.
We don't serve attachments.Please, you can't afford emotions.
It’s not valentine, it’s soulmate this time. My pride ridden heart gets anxious. You always get carried away, fool!!
We are well off daydreaming. We have feelings-intolerance..
And you can't just melt a frozen soul. I am the crudest form, love masks.
I am your freedom, love cages. I am the only truth, love lies.
I am your path, love misleads.. Love reveals,
Love unfolds, Love let love be!!
If love should arrive,
The fragrance of my blossomed heart may heal me
And stitch the torn patches of my soul, layer by layer.
The omnipotent love shall guide me to eternity
And the potion of my immortal love shall kill me..
If love should arrive!! I insist your arrival, Not only on February,
But through cold midnight of December To nostalgic hollowness of unhappening hours.
If love should arrive..

Sushma Itani


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