Book Reviews Falgun 2074

ABIJIT: Fiction, Viplob Prateek

An ill-fated journey of a boy, whose unbalanced life goes parallel to country’s changing politics, only to become victim of haunting questions of life. Abijit, is a travel into one man’s life journey, who in the end finds himself giving something to his revolutionary ideal, and thus to his country.


YAAR: Nayan Raj Pandey

Friendship is a valuable gift of life. It becomes a long process of harmony and mutual confidence makes it a dignified. But to be friends, tears and emotions are also involved. Many memories of friendship and splits have been brought from the depths of memory of the author Nayan Raj Pandey, reading these memories, with sensitivity, tendency and humility, makes us feel like having an account of our own friendship and relationships.



Benjamin Linder presents a beautiful combination of Nepali culture, lifestyle, tradition, and hope with his poetry in his new anthology, Beyond the Creeping Light. These poems were written between 2015 and 2017, when Linder was primarily based in Kathmandu as a researcher.


CUT THE CRAP AND JARGON: Shradha Sharma, T.N.Hari.

Cut the Crap and Jargon contains the wisdom culled out from the world of startups in India. The authors have their own stories from the trenches that are also interspersed with the insights from successful people in this ecosystem. The book is about people related challenges. How to hire right? How (and when) to fire someone? The importance of communication. How to build the culture that helps start-ups become scale-ups?

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