Art- Doesn't Shout but Whispers!


I was flicking through my old album where we had picture of six girls squad, with different poses around Bhaktapur Durbar Square.  Just then I realize that after the earthquake of 2015, many of the museums, historic places, and temples that are damaged and some completely destroyed. I am much concern now that, will we be able to have such artistic restoration at same charm? Today, we are into a world that has entered into a digital colorbook, there is no messy colorful hands, or fun of painting or playing with a water color. It’s a button press-delete and change world.  Although art doesn’t shout but whispers, let us not get fooled by the camouflage by the digitalized art that is limited just to e-screen.

Today, we are limited with such high skills in the areas of art and craft, it seems like we are losing and lacking the artist in our generation, Art and artist have become very sophisticated and complicated at present. In olden times, when King Prithvi Narayan Shah categorized caste, it was basically in terms of the work division, for instance, it was mandatory for people of the “Silpakar” clan to be the woodcarvers and follow the occupation, which is also the result that today we cannot stop admiring the skills they have portrayed and done magic in the woods.

Today, when we observe the art and the cravings, more modern the time is the art seems to be more conservative! The emotions and exposure of body parts, the sensual touch in every craving that used to be in back days and today is totally different, the art in previous times reflected the genuineness and justice to the feeling where a artist seems to express it to full and put all the flexibility, fascination and all the imagination could be displayed through art. The art we had in older times seek to provoke, to entertain, to titillate and to push us to think more deeply about the subject matter they are dealing with.

The art we are to preserve also represents the meaning and value of the people and the country, the construction, every style carries a meaning of the Hindu-Buddhist quest for religious merit.The image of pagodas, the silhouette of stupas and the ramshackle old city buildings may feature in the talk of travelers who have been to Nepal.  These are shows our richness in culture, steeped in heritage and redolent of times past, and reflects our ancestors from centuries.Each style of art recognizes the religious sentiments that we carry, and it reflects the past, present and the future generations.

However, under the cloak of tradition seems to be a different kind now, the irregular craving which added the emotions has been much more transformed and come limited to machine work today. We all love to travel, explore and find out the history; hear stories of past visit to the heritages but day by day, we are lacking the skills to master the art in the construction and the charm we used to have.

Art is just not a mere observation place but it is a component of culture, reflecting economic and social substrates in its design. It reflects the time and space. Its role changes through time, acquiring more of an aesthetic component here and a socio-educational function there.

Let us eye on the education and language of art visible with the same charm and make the fields of art more visible, we know are doesn’t shout but whispers but let the art today speak with more charm, let us just to get lost into a digital art. 

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