We all have a friend don’t we? No, then look back we had a mate in the classroom with whom we shared our thoughts, notes, food in the cafeteria, made a promise to keep in touch for a hangout in the weekends, consulted for homeworks and test preparations. Yes, these were the signs of friendship. Now that you realize that you were friends with someone lets know why are they significant and special.

Research showed that college students spent a lot of time making friends. On a week a students spend only 15 hours a week in class but 85 hours a week with his or her friends, why is this so?  A person who builds great relationships doesn’t think about what they want but start by thinking what can I give? The best things about friends are they choose each other when they want to be that person. Just like a double agent,” if you chose to get in you chose to get out” Most of us became friends by adhering to this policy. Did you know that throughout life from schooling to retirement from job a person having friends in their circle continue to have a good health both mentally and physically? When our life accelerates then with our priority and responsibilities our friendship is affected for better or for worse. The network of friendships is denser in youths. Only with a move from a school, College or city the distance increases more and more. Between people shared interest and personality play a very important role. You were drawn to some people than others and that is when you started your friendship.

Friendship stems from spending lots of time with one another and doing shared activities. Whether it was playing games, performing arts, common hobbies, hangouts, group learning, finishing that project work we did it together with our friends. Friendship grows with time some last forever. The mantra for starting friendship has been vividly quoted by Zig Ziglar-“If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.”

On campus the best places to find friends are Campus events, classes, dorm, informal hangouts, campus premises, online, internships, campus jobs. The ultimate bond of companionship is conversation. From becoming an acquaintance to a friend is to open up and get beyond surface level conversation. For lasting friendships become an organizer taking active role in planning things for all of you. Be the one to move things along, your friendship is not confined to one space only you can make friends from your hobbies or at clubs. Your friendship is not compartmentalized or tight knitted but the connection of friends to each other can size up to friendship that is long and meaningful. It is advisable to be sincere and have a trust and respect for one another to deepen the relationship. Just like marriage our friendship also requires nurturing. Let us remember- each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, from their meeting only a whole new World is born.

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