Our Mother is the center of our life- Happy Motherís Day!!!


We were born in our Mother’s womb and the first breath we took; we suckled the mother’s milk for survival as an infant. The importance of mother cannot be described it is beyond words.Upanishads and Vedas have described human birth happens in three phases due to the union of three souls, rather than two and the birth is the result of past karma in which karma of Parents also play an important role. Mother is the creator of life. She gives birth to a baby and raise the offspring with care, love and looking after needs of their children all the time, till he becomes responsible, mature and ripe. Mother’s love for their children is undying. The mother’s role is the apex role than any other role for a mankind. It is a priviledge that a person gets once in his lifetime. As per Nepalese calendar we celebrate Mother’s Day as Mata Tirtha on Baisakh Krishna Ausi. This day is very auscipious. For those who have lost his/her mother remembers her by giving Sida Daan to pandit.Mata tirtha falls on Baisakh Krishna Ausi every year. In Nepal we call” Aama ko mukh herne din”.On this day we offer foods, clothes and variety of gifts and pay homage to mothers. Those people who have lost their mothers pay visit at Old aged home and take tokens of food and clothes for distributing to old aged people. Doing so is considered as “punya” i.e favourable.

The boon which one receives when onetake a holy bath in Mata Tirtha River every Biskhak Krishna Aushi, does not need again to come in mother’s womb for next life. The person gets salvation from human life, and achieves moksha. 

Coming New Year, we wish you A Happy Mother’s day and a prosperous New Year 2075 B.S.

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