List of CA Colleges in Nepal

Chartered Accountant (CA) in Nepal course is a professional and also a prestigious and rewarding job position. Through qualification and specialized knowledge, the chartered accountant is rendering services as consultants for feasibility, investment proposals, tax management consultant, agent to help make Managerial decisions incorporates such as Banks, insurance besides performing financial audits in the government and private sectors.

In Nepal, CA courses are under the guidelines of the Institutes of chartered accountants of Nepal. Chartered Accountancy(CA) in Nepal is the member organization of the International Federation of accountants, the confederation of Asia and Pacific Accountants, and the South Asian Federation of Accountants.

CA courses are provided in the realm of ICAN. Chartered Accountancy(CA) in Nepal course is a blend of theoretical education and practical training which runs concurrently for three years to certify as a professional accountant who has extensive knowledge of accountancy, auditing, costing, taxation, legality, and Management. 

CCA College

Eligibility for CA in Nepal

Chartered Accountancy(CA) in Nepal eligibility criteria as determined by ICAN of Nepal are as follows:

For ICAN: 

  • For CAP1 students must have passed higher secondary education Plus2, PCL, A level equivalent, or those who are waiting for the results can also apply.
  • To pass CAP2 students must have passed the CAP1 level examinations or become a graduate or postgraduate in commerce, business administration, or Management with fifty percent aggregate marks in accountancy, audit, and taxation and minimum fifty-five percent marks for other disciplines. If the graduate or postgraduate is from another field than the aforementioned they must have sixty percent aggregate marks to be eligible for applying for this course.
  • For CAP3 students must pass both groups of CAP2 examinations.

Duration of CA Course in Nepal:

The CA course has been divided into:

  • CAP1: It takes about 6 months to pass CAP1 level. Students must have completed Plus 2 or certificate level or A level from a recognized institute. The total course of CAP1 fees is approximately NRs. 27,500. They must also pass the eligibility test held by ICAN to join for CAP 2 level.
  • CAP2: It takes about Nine months to complete CAP2. The total fees for CAP2 course under ICAN is NRs. 32,500. They must pass an eligibility test by ICAN to enter the final stage of the CA course.
  • CAP3: It takes about three years (including practical training) to complete CAP3. They must have passed CAP1 and CAP2 and registered as an article trainee under a practicing chartered accountant by signing article deeds and submitting them to ICAN within one month of signing the deed.

In Total, to become a certified CA in Nepal, one has to go through the intensive 4 years 3 months’ duration of CA course in Nepal.

After passing CAP3 students should apply for membership with ICAN. Only members of ICAN can be a qualified CA and can practice this profession after obtaining a certificate of practice.

Scope of Chartered Accountancy in Nepal:

Chartered Accountancy has enormous scope for professional advancements in the context of Nepal. They can become an entrepreneur or work with the firm as an employee. Besides it also gives flexibility for higher studies such as MBA or Chartered Financial Analyst CFA. They are always in demand for financial Companies, manufacturing companies, and investment Companies where fund Management becomes imperative. Another factor is Chartered Accountants have very good compensation for their consultations. They can earn in lakh for their audit work.

Some of the CA colleges in Nepal are: